7 X 3 Size 120 *Single Needles*


7 X 3 Size 120 *Single Needles*
Shipping Weight: 0.15 lb
Product Weight: 0.00 lb
Model: Groz-Beckert
Length: 2.68 inches
Width: 0.09 inches
Compatible with the BOSS version 1Compatible with the BOSS version 2 Compatible with the Aerostitch

Single Needles--

Used with Size 69 Thread

Round Point Needles are used for non leather items.

Groz-Beckert German made needles offer the highest standard in the industry. Tippmann stocks over 5000 needles, so you can be assured that they are in stock and ready to ship.

See our Needle & Thread Guide for more info.

 Needle and Thread Guide

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