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Steve Berner



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Stamford, CT 06905

Who are your customers?

Motorcycle enthusiasts and people who like heavy duty, all-purpose leather goods with a custom touch seem to connect with my work. I do work for a wide range of enthusiasts: from MC clubs to the lone wolf, from folks in the Military who are overseas to LEO’s.  I fabricate wallets, belts, sheaths/cases (for knives, multi tools and cell phones and other daily carry items) from heavy weight vegetable tanned cowhide. I decorate most all my work with a combination of carving and stamping techniques and dye.  Wallets can be decorated front and back with all sorts of artwork and stamping patterns. The interiors of my wallets are always multi-colored – it’s a trademark of mine and a bit unexpected.. Every piece I make is unique – I don’t use templates, I draw freehand so my customers can be sure they’ve got a one of a kind original.  I sew using hand operated, treadle or electric sewing machines or I saddle stitch by hand depending on the job. I own 2 Tippmann Bosses, a newer aluminum framed model and an older cast iron unit. Additionally I have a Tippmann embosser. The Boss is my every day sewing machine. The control the machine gives me is key for ease of use. For a reference point 99% of the thread I use is 277.

Steve, tell us about yourself:

I’m a long time, dedicated motorcycle enthusiast who for the most part maintains his own aging fleet of air cooled, high-mileage machines, I place a high value on simple, durable, utilitarian things: two cylinders in a 45 degree V-Twin configuration, quality tools that fit the hand, a bike that starts when I reach down and push the button, a substantial belt to keep my droopy drawers up, to hang a knife on, a wallet that’s “mine”, a special sheath for a special blade, a case that will carry as well as protect my phone and so on – you get the idea – nothing super fancy pants or hi-hooha style – but utilitarian, well crafted things.


How did you get started in the leathercrafting business?

My interest in leathercraft came out of my own desire for these goods and the ensuing frustration of not being above to find a craftsperson to make them, all the while wrestling a burning desire to satisfy my creative energies.  I love this always-humbling art form and learn a lesson every time I sit at the bench. I really do feel fortunate to have found “my” craft and I am certainly most thankful that people like my work. The highest tribute I am paid, is that my customers most always come back for more. How cool is that?
If you want to talk about having me make something for you, call or write.

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