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Ross Saddlery



Ron Ross



6415 SR 1

St. Joe, Indiana 46785


Website: www.rosaddlery.com


Major Shop Equipment:

Tippmann Boss sewing machine

Tippmann Aerostitch sewing machine

Tippmann Embosser

Landis Three leather stitcher



Ross Saddlery was started in June 1959, upon my completion of Active Military Service. Over these years, it has remained a sole proprietorship, and a highly respected maker of quality horse gear and many other leather items. With the advent of the Internet, my sales approach was broadened. Instead of being a local business, we are now an International business.

Our business has broadened to include custom carving for several national manufacturers, one being a major manufacturer of pool cue cases for the professional billiard players. In addition to leather goods, my line of merchandise now includes a series of leather carving pattern books, and, in the near future, patterns for items such as saddles and gun belt and holsters will be released.


Training and Experience:

Basically, I am self-educated, but, I have had many mentors. Saddle makers that I became friends with. Leather artists that I came to know and who offered guidance to direct me to where I am today. As a result of that training, I now conduct training sessions at major leather craft and trade shows, as well as have several training programs in effect, conducted here in my shop. Subjects being leather carving, saddle making, and a program where the person can tell me what they want to learn, and, if I am proficient in it, I will teach that person all that I can on that topic.



International Internet Leathercrafters’ Guild (currently in second term as President) and member, Hoosier Leathercraft Guild


Inducted into the IILG Hall of Fame, 2005. Ron has also been featured in trade publications such as the Leather Crafters and Saddler’s Journal.







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  1. Norma Butler

    Thanks for sharing your story at church this morning. You do amazingly beautiful work I am going to love seeing your work on your web site. Thank You


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