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Jack Ott



P.O. Box 457

457 Old Mill Lane

Waleska, GA 30183


Phone: 770-479-7920


What is your specialty?

I am gunsmith who works on, repairs and creates custom leather pieces. My primary focus is on the creation of leather knife sheaths and re-enactment gear.  I make the Glock channel liner tool.  I’m proud to say that I do it well and have been successful at it.
My interest vary greatly, but my main concentrations are in the following areas:
• Carving and engraving leather
• Carving and engraving wood
• I also experiment quite a bit with carving and engraving in other types of materials.

My background is in machinery and equipment. I am very curious as to how
things work and how one piece of machinery compares to the next.



What were you looking for in a sewing machine?

I needed a machine which was foremost reliable, and allowed me to sew stitch by

stitch in order to maintain the precision quality and control that you would see if sewing by hand. The “BOSS” is a wonderful little machine and it works well in conjunction with my other powered equipment.  This machine allows me the versatility of being able to roll it out onto the patio and from place to place, due to the compact nature of the product.


What type of machine were you using before your Tippmann Boss?

I have many other types of equipment for sewing, cutting, etc.


Do you have any other items in the Tippmann Line?

I own the Tippmann Embosser, which I use for embossing and strap cutting.  This is a handy little machine and offers a great deal of versatility.


Custom leather crafting tips from Jack Ott:

• The most important thing in leather crafting is patience.
Make sure to take your time and go slow, to get the result
you are looking for. People are looking for one of kind, unique items, things
that you can’t find anywhere else.

• When sewing leather, make sure that your needles are free from burs.
Make sure to always clean your needle and the eye of the needle
before you begin sewing.

• Visualize what your final piece is going to look like, before you start the project.

• Try to price your product where people can afford them….You can build
the most wonderful doo dad in the world, but if people can’t afford it, it does
not do any good to build it and try to sell it.


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  1. rachel-fogarty Post author

    Hi Glenn, The best way to reach Rimfire Gunworks is on their Facebook page. If you have any questions, let me know. Thanks! – Rachel Fogarty / Tippmann Industrial / 1-866-286-8046


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