Mega Sale and Interview With John York


April 2015

Hello Friends!

You spoke and we listened – WE ARE HAVING A MACHINE AND ACCESSORY SALE!!!


Clicker 700 Die Cutting Machine

Clicker 1500 Die Cutting Machine


Presser Feet

Flatbed Attachment

LED Light

Thread Lubricant

Lubricant Box

Master Crafter Accessory Pack

Material Guide

Stirrup Attachment

Wooden Cobbler Bench


Come see us at the trade show in Sheridan, Wyoming!

We will be there May 15th – May 16th.



We are happy to introduce to you one of our very first featured Clicker customers!!  Please help us give a warm welcome to John York.

Name: John York

Address: PO Box 11086, Spring TX 77391

Company: Lone Wolf Pet Products




John, how did you first get started in leather crafting?  Need leather pieces for the leashes we were going to be making.

What are some of your stories on leather crafting?  In the beginning we knew nothing about leather.  It was hard at first to find the right leather for our products.  It has been a learning experience for us.

What Tippmann Machines do you have?  We have both the Clicker 7 ton and the Clicker 15 ton.


Michelle working on the Clicker 1500

How long have you had your TIppmann Clickers?  We have had the Clicker 7 ton for approximately 5 years.  We just started using the Clicker 15 ton complete with the stand – which we love!

Clicker1500 (2)

Clicker 1500

How did you decide to purchase these items?  When shopping for a clicker (once we learned what a clicker was) we liked the fact that yours was pneumatic and small compared to the hydraulic ones.


Leather pieces cut from one of the Clicker machines

Do you recommend any accessories?  We purchased the stand for the 15 ton and love it.  If I had known how much better it was to have the stand, I would have purchased one for the 7 ton.


Clicker 700

Any tips or tricks you recommend for these machines?  Keep your boards in good shape and keep your dies sharpened.  You get a better cut on your leather if you do that.


Leashes and Leather

What do you enjoy most about leather crafting?  We have started playing with some different leathers.  It has been enjoyable to learn about the finishing processes.


Cute dog with custom made leash by John York

What is your favorite item that you have made with your machines?  Our round leads.


Dog Leashes

Now for some fun questions:

What is your favorite dessert?  Coconut cake

If you could choose where to live, would it be the beach or the mountains?  Mountains

Thank you for joining us for this month’s newsletter.  We hope you are well and look forward to hearing from you soon!

If you or anyone you know is interested in being a featured customer, please contact Rachel Fogarty via email: or Phone: 1-866-286-8046.


Rachel Fogarty

Newsletter Editor

Tippmann Industrial Products








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