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Name: John Feeney

Company Name: London Jacks Leather

Location: Weston Super Mare, Somerset, England



How did you first get started in leather crafting?

I remember making my first gunbelt and holster when I was about 14 yrs old, as I’ve been a fan of Westerns for as long as I can remember. Growing up in London in the 1960s, watching TV shows like ‘The High Chaparral’, ‘Alias Smith & Jones’ etc., plus the movies of Clint Eastwood and John Wayne, all made a big impression on me and fired my imagination for years to come.
Years later I would become involved in Old West Reenactments, first here in the UK then with the Mojave Muleskinners in Arizona.
At that time I could not find the Leatherwork I liked, so I decided to make my own.
First was a pair of period style Shotgun Chaps, after researching the style and methods of construction, I drafted my own original pattern.  I then obtained the leather, plus the tools required, and set to work. Back then all my Leatherwork was hand sewn and the chaps turned out really well. Gun belts, Holsters, Saddle bags etc all followed.
I attended Leatherwork classes at Tandy Leather in Arizona, also Leatherworking trades shows in Wickenburg AZ, learning from the Master Craftsman I met there.
By now I was getting requests from fellow Reenactors to make Leatherwork for them, they really appreciated the heavy duty construction and Quality Leather I was using and knew that, if it had a London Jack Makers mark on it, it would stand up to anything they could throw at it.
What are some of your stories on leather-crafting?

Mostly all of my work is Western Leatherwork, Belts, Holsters, Chaps etc, but often I get requests for LARP, Steampunk, or Dragon Armor, sometimes from a picture or film, or just someone’s idea and a drawing. Bringing those ideas to life is very satisfying as leather is such a great material to create with, it naturally gives everything the feel and smell of quality. I’ve not met anyone yet who doesn’t like it.

How long have you had (a) Tippmann machine(s)?

I bought my first one in 2009.  It was the best investment I’ve ever made and has paid for itself several times over.


What made you decide to purchase the BOSS?

I knew that hand sewing leather was not going to be a practical way to keep up with the demands of a business.  It was whilst at a festival in Arizona that I saw one of the leather artisans using a Boss.  I’d never seen one before and, after finding the website, seeing all it could do, I knew I had to have one.  Not long after that day my first Boss arrived, all ready to go straight out of the box!  I quickly mastered operating it, which is really straightforward, and I knew then that I could handle pretty much any leather work I could think of.

Do you recommend any accessories?

The plate attachment adds a lot more functionality to the Boss, but the best for me is the Cobblers Bench which makes it very portable. As we travel to Festivals throughout the UK during the Summer, I can set my workshop up anywhere and the Boss is ready for work! The people love seeing things being made right there on site, it gives them an appreciation of the work that’s involved in creating a quality hand crafted product. The Boss gets a lot of interest, as most people have never seen anything like it before!


Any tips/tricks?
Making sure you have the correct thread and needle combination for the material you’re sewing, also keeping a check on the presser foot pressure to minimize marking your work.  I tend to use the heavier threads for my work as I like the look and strength it adds to the piece.  My Custom Fast Draw Rig is a good example of this; the seam on that Holster is nearly 3/4 of an inch thick, and the Boss handles it with ease.


What are your plans for the future?

Having the Boss has allowed me to expand my product line from Holsters and Belts to everything you see on my Website, the latest being my line of Carpet and Leather Gladstone Travel Bags.
I will continue to learn new techniques plus refine and develop new products, using the Boss, for years to come.
London Jacks Leather has been operating since 2009. I make Old West Period Holsters, Gunbelts, Chaps, Fast Draw Rigs, Movie Gun Leather, as well as Steampunk Leatherwork, Pouches, Bags, Guitar Straps, Custom items, Leather Gladstone and Carpet Bags.
I am also now a Member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen, an organization which promotes and demands a high standard of excellence.
My philosophy about Leatherwork is simple: start with High Quality Materials, Tools and Machinery, Integrity, attention to detail, great customer care and constantly striving for that elusive perfection.

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