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Dave Galloway

1526 University Blvd West
Jacksonville, FL 32217

What is your specialty?

I make hand made holsters. They are not cookie cutters… they are made for the buyer. I do not stock holsters… My holsters are for mainly concealed carry and are given a lot of time and care to make.


What were you looking for in a sewing machine?

I wanted a leather sewing machine that was easy to use, held up to daily wear and tear and made nice, tight stitches. i am not concerned w/ exact stitch distance or perfect radius… I want something that is like my holsters: not pretty but practical and lasts.


What led you to the Tippmann Boss?

I talked to some saddle and boot makers in the Tacoma area. They said it would be a good start up.

Suggestions to others who have a small to mid range manufacturing project, who are in need of a leather sewing machine:

I think it is a great stitcher! I like it because it seems more hands-on and personal. I have pulled off some amazing things, I thought I would never do, with my Boss. The one thing to remember is TUNE IT! If there is an issue, the guys in the repair shop are great. I learned more about my machine from them than I did my video. They were clear and concise with information.
Thank you very much. I am pleased w/ your products and dont want to go anywhere else any time soon.


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