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Look no further for the perfect tool to cut your leather!

The Tippmann Clicker die cutting presses are ideal for any leather shop, leather craftsman or leaher hobbyist.  These low-cost U.S. built cutting presses allow you to easily and quickly trasnform your leather into a pattern.


Clicker 1500 Die Cutting Press



Clicker 700 Die Cutting Press

The Tippmann Clickers can cut with steel rule, forged and Clicker dies.  The Clicker presses were introduced in 1992 as an alternative to traditional hydraulic cutting presses and manual cutting presses. The presses are versatile machines, powered pneumatically (air-powered) with no electronic controls. These presses, with their small footprint and large cutting capacity, make them ideal for any space size. With almost zero maintenance and little setup time, our Tippmann Clicker presses allow you to work with no down time.


Clicker die

Our presses were originally made for cutting leather.  The presses have had such a wide audience that they have now been used in all types of manufacturing including leather, automotive, medical, agricultural, lab testing and printing. You name it, if it needs to be cut, the Tippmann presses might be the answer for you.


Clicker die

These machines will cut leather, textiles, fabric, rubber, canvas, biothane and much more. This air powered, simple to use press can quickly turn a piece of material into any shape you desire.


Forged die


Steel Rule die

The Tippmann Clicker 1500 offers a 12″ x 24″ cutting area with 15 tons of cutting pressure, while the Tippmann Clicker 700 has a 12″ x 12″ cutting area and offers 7 tons of cutting pressure. The size of the cutting area does not limit the size of the pattern you can cut, as you can simply cut in multiple passes to capture a larger cutting area.
For instance, we have customers who have dies up to 6 ft. long.  A simple click, with moving the die, and repeating this cutting and movement will accomplish the cutting necessary for this large die. The Tippmann Clicker steel rule cutting presses have the ability to cut through material up to ¾” thick.


Types of dies used with the Clicker 1500 and the Clicker 700:
*1.25″ Clicker cutting dies
*1.5″ Clicker cutting dies
*.75″ Clicker cutting dies
*.937″ steel rule cutting dies
*.75″ steel rule cutting dies
*.75″ forged cutting dies
*1.25″ forged cutting dies
We offer free online live video sampling to any customer who would like to see if the press will work for them before they bring the press in.  Here you can view our free online live video sampling in the Tippmann Clicker Lab.  You can give us a call and we can do a live video demonstration to show you how the press works.

If you would like to have a die built, you can send us the pattern you desire as well as the material you would like to cut.  We can then build the die and how you how the press will work for you during a live online video chat.

The possibilities are endless as to what the Tippmann Clicker Presses can do to help you in your manufacturing, parts cutting, sample cutting, fabrication, stamping, leather embossing, and so much more!

If you have any questions or would like a free printed catalog on the Tippmann Clicker Die Cutting Presses, please let us know by calling Toll Free: 866-286-8046.  You can also visit our websites at: and

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