Introducing Our Clicker Technician, Chris Patterson!

Hello Friends!
How are you?  We at Tippmann Industrial have been busy with our customers and are thankful for another good season.  We are especially grateful for you, our customers, who make Tippmann Industrial Products possible.
This month in our newsletter we are featuring our very own Tippmann Clicker technician, Chris Patterson.  Please give him a warm welcome!
Chris Patterson
Name: Chris Patterson
Job Description: Head of the Clicker department
Years at Tippmann Industrial: 8 years
What is your favorite vacation spot? Camp Crystal Lake
What is your favorite meal? Milk steak
Music Group / Artist? The Rock-afire Explosion / Anything on Jock Jams
Favorite Movie: Santa Clause 3
A Book or game you would recommend: Fox in Socks
Cool fact about the machines you work with: Dropping them on your foot hurts.
Favorite Hobby: Urban Foraging
If you could trade places with anyone, who would it be and why?  Big Bird
Favorite car: A tank
Do you call a soft drink “pop” or “soda”? Coke
Claim to Fame:  Being a Featured Employee
Sports Team: Go Irish
Motto / Words to live by: Don’t take life too seriously – you’ll never get out alive.
What is your favorite color: Clear
What is your favorite view in Fort Wayne? The sewers
Which do you prefer, cake or pie? Cookies dog
Favorite Actor: Pauly Shore
Favorite Actress: Jessica Alba
Super Hero: Powdered toast man
Favorite Cartoon Character:  Lucky Bear
Something from your bucket list: Don’t die.


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4 thoughts on “Introducing Our Clicker Technician, Chris Patterson!

  1. Анна

    Добрый день!Я хочу приобрести у вас оборудование,живу на Украине. Возможно ли это?

    1. rachel-fogarty Post author

      Hi Clifton,
      Our machines are repair friendly. Typically repairs include either adjusting one of the bolts or replacing the bladder. Let us know if you have any other questions.


      Rachel Fogarty
      Tippmann Industrial


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