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Task Machine


Dave Jeffery

Task Machine Inc.
1685 Selby Ave
St. Paul, Mn. 55104



What is your product?

We are a guitar pick manufacturer.  We make labels for our guitar picks line with it. Modified with a table that has linear slides, it makes it easy for us to load and unload the labels after cutting. A perfect clicker press for this operation. We cut out 8 labels at a time. The labels are made of 20# paper and laminated with a 5mil foil on each side before cutting. It doesn’t take up any space to speak of ,is easy to move and can be operated anywhere there is an air supply. I would like to add as the vendor that has built the rule dies for me that run in the Tippmann Clicker 700. Joe Sampair is the most knowledgable man I know in the die cutting industry. They are an outstanding manufacturer of rule dies and other extended services in this industry and have helped me in designing the tools that best fit in my Tippmann Clicker.

Do you have any competitors in the market place? 

Not for this specific application. Or at least to my knowledge.


What were the most important features you were looking for in a die cutting press?

The press had to be very portable, air operated and powerful enough to cut out at least 8 labels at a time.

What led you to the Tippmann Clicker Press for your die cutting needs?

I was just searching the internet to see if a press like the Tippmann Clicker 700 existed.

Warmest Regards, Dave J. Task machine, Inc.


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