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Green Man Leather

Stephen O’Ceallaigh

Contact Info:
10 Dufferin St, Caledon East
Ontario, Canada, L7C 1K


What does Green Man Leather do?

Green Man Leather originally began making custom orders of knife sheaths and small pouches, I grew to making premium quality belts. I then branched out into conducting leather workshops for youth in social services and teach an old craft to a young clientele who benefit from a new life experience as well as looking sharp in their formal wear with their handmade product. I enjoy the belt making workshops as the youth have so much fun trying something new!

I am also coming out with a messenger bag line and well designing other bags. I was in need of a high quality embossing machine able to produce the results industrial standards gave. I wanted our belts to really stand out with their unique looking design. Green Man leather continued to receive emails asking for upscale options on the dress belts. When researching dress belts I noted the lower quality with respect to the grade of leather used; often people think they are buying a quality leather belt when the label states “Genuine leather,” but little do they know it simply mean there is leather somewhere in this product. I did not want to purchase motorized machinery which took up a lot of space. I found the Tippmann embosser to be a bench machine that did not take up a lot of space, was the best on the market and of good value. It has fantastic and built to last a long time and best of all a hand crank! I also started getting into horse tack. Having the embosser helps us sew straight on the creased lines.

How did you first get started in leather crafting?

I am a creative artist. I paint abstract and photograph whatever captures my eye. While living in England in 2003 I kept seeing unique leather goods in rare tanned colors with ornate stitching. I began to look online for a book on leather crafting. I found several books from the 1940s and the 1970s; two periods where leather working was considered popular and quality leather goods were in demand. It was hard to find those who were willing to teach, however. A lot of folks felt their designs would be stolen. So I took to teaching myself and went through a lot of leather perfecting my technique.

How long have you been running your current business?

Green Man Leather has entered its third year in business. The response has been overwhelming supportive. Those who come to us know I take pride in making our products and put a lot of creative energy into making that something special for our customers. I am a one-man operation an occasionally bring in an apprentice to assist while they learn. I have all of the industrial equipment to produce wholesale orders for retailers with quick production times and multi-buy discounts.

What are the primary ways in which you market your product?

The internet is our main tool to advertise. Word of mouth works quite well too as the client has already seen the product and knows the high quality they are receiving. I also advertise in local papers and in the “The Rider” magazine.

What led you to the Tippmann Embosser for your leather crafting equipment needs?

I grew tired of low quality hobby machinery which, worst of all, was not made in North America. I continued to hear Tippmann has the best on the market with no real competitors on quality. I also wanted to mechanize our production to begin to compete with larger companies at the same time, producing a Canadian made product of higher quality. So much money is spent on foreign products and foreign economies. I really wanted to support the Canadian and North American economies since that is where I make my home.

From a creative standpoint, I also wanted to come out with our exclusive Viking design belt line. Having the Tippmann Embosser enabled me to have designs created to fit unto the Embosser.

How long have you had your Tippmann Embosser?

1 year and would be lost without it!


What type of machine (s), if any, were you using prior to using the Tippmann?

I use the:

  • Italian r- 74 rotary hand crank hole puncher
  • British United Shoe Machinery Pearson Harness stitcher (No.6)
  • Italian Fav bell knife Skiver
  • German Adler 205-64 Cylinder arm sewer
  • German Junker and Ruh SD28 Sole Hand crank stitcher
  • Italian strap cutter.
  • Randall splitter
  • Book Presses.


What are some suggestions to others who have a small to mid range manufacturing project, who are in need of a leather embossing machine.

You stay small if you think small; you get big if you think big! Good machinery can be pricy but you get what you pay for. In this case, a high quality long lasting bench machine to add finesse and a touch of class to your products. Belts are not too difficult to make by hand but as soon as you want to make them in multiples or add intricate and unique designs you’re going to need the right equipment.

Do you see the competition growing in the market place for the type of custom work you are creating?

Yes I do. I receive a lot of emails asking for our “Best price.” I know there are many leather crafters out there who have similar aspirations to sell merchandise to the public. I stay true to our prices as our products are hand made. Something you cannot buy at a leading shopping centre. Though who shop at Green Man leather are often referred from other satisfied customers. I are not worried about competition.


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