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Graber Harness & Saddlery


Chris Graber



Graber Harness and Saddlery
14301 Cuba Road.
Grabill, IN 46741
Phone: 260-657-3800
Fax: 260-657-3801


About Graber Harness and Saddlery:

Graber Harness and Saddlery is a family owned and run leather crafting business, located in a small Amish Community just outside of Fort Wayne, IN. In 1974 E.J. Graber established Graber Harness and Saddlery. The company grew from a Harness and Saddle repair shop to a full
time manufacturing business. Today The Graber family is offering a full line of Leather tool pouches, belts and accessories.  We are pleased to offer a high quality product at a competitive
price to the construction industry.

Feel free to call us with your custom leather crafting needs as we are happy to quote even the most complex job. We are certain that you will not only be pleased with our competitive pricing and timely service, but with the outstanding quality which Graber has offered since 1974.
Graber uses the full line of Tippmann equipment and accessories, ranging from their needles to the Boss Hand Stitcher, Embosser and Clicker 1500.  In conjunction with your manufacturing business, we operate a General Store offering a full range of products.
We invite you to stop by our facility in Grabill Indiana if you are ever in the area.

6 thoughts on “Graber Harness & Saddlery, LLC

  1. Corey

    Want a new belt and wondering how much a belt with 2 bags, frog with steel ring to put bar in, carabiner for hammer , and also bolt pin holder? Thanks

    1. rachel-fogarty

      Hi Corey, thanks for stopping by! To contact Graber Harness to have the belt made, please call their number: 260-657-3800.

  2. jackie claycomb

    Chris….are you the leather craftsman that was at the tri state gas engine show this august.
    please reply….

  3. rachel-fogarty

    Hi Jackie,
    The best way to contact Chris is by calling him direct at: 260-657-3800. Rachel at Tippmann Industrial manages the comments posted here.


  4. ryan ingram

    I like the style of ironworker belt you have displayed however I need a price quote on.

    back piece and belt
    2 big pin holders and 2 small pin holders
    beater clip loop
    2 bolt bags
    spud frog for 3 spuds
    and a sleever frog but need the sleever clip to be able to rotate or swing
    and a tape holder for a 30 ft fat max
    also can I get the bags initialed R.I. on top edge of bag on centre
    and suspenders stamped Canada on right side and Ironworker on left strap?
    Also a welding electrode bag stamped with Ironworker as well.
    And if possible can we do all in black saddle leather?

    A price on this in Canadian would be great !!!


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