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Scott Babb


What is your specialty?

Archery Equipment and other leather items.

“I was a job supervisor for Curtain Wall for 23 years, installing glass on skyscrapers and military installations. I made great money, but I didn’t get to spend as much time with my kids as I wanted. I was involved in Mountain Man Rendezvous, and I bought a black powder ball bag on EBay about 4 years ago. It was junk. After I pitched it, I made my own. It was then I started doing leather work. I had never worked a piece of leather before. Now (4 years later) I work leather full time: from 4 in the morning until 4 or 5 in the afternoon. I work at home in my shop, so I get to spend more time with my two youngest children, Kingston and Jennifer. I also have three older sons.”

“Before I bought my Boss 1-1/2 years ago, I sewed everything by hand. When I bought the Boss, I was a complete novice with a sewing machine. The first night I had it, I was sewing my first piece. After about a week of playing with it, I had it all figured out. It has increased my output and the quality of my work dramatically. The ability to place a stitch exactly where it needs to be on tight corners and odd angles render this stitcher an absolute must in my leather shop. I use this machine every day. I have just about every accessory for the machine, which allows me to work with the thinnest leather to the thickest napped furs and everything in-between. The only accessory I don’t use very much is the Material Guide. I also built my own table for the machine, with a recessed mount on the table.”

Scott has recently had a brush with fame. Through a chance connection, Scott is making a custom quiver for non other than “The Nuge” (Ted Nugent!). Mr. Nugent hunts black coyote every year in Scott’s area, and he is going to stop by personally to pick it up. Scott has named it “Spirit of the Wild,” which is a fitting name for Ted’s quiver.

Scott makes civil war reenactment pieces, and has been an avid black powder hunter since he was very young. He once killed a bear with a .58 caliber Flintlock. He has made quivers out of all different kinds of leathers and materials. A lady from Idaho sent him the rib bones from her first deer, which Scott made into a quiver.

Scott is mechanically minded and good with his hands. He is currently developing a new design for a quiver, but didn’t want to give up his secrets. He calls the new series “Ultimate Hunter,” and should be available soon.

Scott sells most of his wares on EBay. He is amazed at all the different countries he has shipped his quivers. He used to keep a map with thumbtacks, “but now I can’t keep up with them.” He also sells at Mountain Man Rendezvous, sometimes from his front porch. “There is a festival every year in our town, and I can hang my leather goods from the front porch and people stop by. I’m usually sold out by the end of the weekend.”


4 thoughts on “Bogg’s Leather

  1. Deen

    Is there a way to get intouch with Boggs Leather besides messaging his ebay store? Haven’t had much luck getting a response on there and thought he might have another prefered way.

  2. John in NC

    I have contacted Scott via his ebay store via messages with no problems, may want to try again. I bought one of his quivers. Excellent craftsmanship, could not be happier. You can tell he takes pride in his work. Highly recommend his quiver they are beautiful.

  3. Jeff Carlson

    Just wanted to say thanks for shipping quiver so fast, got here plenty of time for birthday day and is a beautiful quiver. If I am sending this to wrong place please excuse I am Internet disaster, and if anyone has web address for Boggs please send me. Thanks again, Jeff c.


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