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Featured Tippmann Customer:


Wade Hatch


Company Name:

Biskit Saddle Arts


Location: Sunny state of California


Specializing in custom leather work, Wade is a proud owner of the “Boss” sewing machine.


How did you get into leathercrafting?

At the age of 14 years old, while earning my Leather craft merit badge in the Boy Scouts, I met Kimball Blackburn, a Saddle maker, in our small town. He repaired saddles and was in a Mountain Man re-enactment club. I made me a belt, laced a pouch and tanned a rabbit hide. During this time I decided to make me some buckskins and join the Mountain Man Club. I continued to visit the saddle repair shop. Kimball had me tear down saddles that were in for repair. Soon after my Uncle asked me to make him a child’s saddle. This was my first saddle. Leather craft and carving was in my blood and has never left. After learning the basics, it has been trial and error, learning as I continued making new items.  You can visit my website at

How long have you had your BOSS?

I bought my Tippmann Boss three (3) years ago and it has allowed me to take on many new projects. This has allowed me to do more professional work and sell my items at a nearby shop that caters to western theme and to vendor at local festivals.  While using this machine I have learned to do a lot more in leatherwork than I ever thought of when I purchased it.  It took me some time getting used to sewing by other means than hand.  I am now confident in using a sewing machine.

Do you specialize in any sort of leather work?

I do repair on western and English saddles as well as custom make holsters, belts, wallets, chaps, picture frames, valances, guitar straps, and other items.  I find there is a great love for handmade, custom carving and design craftsmanship when it comes to leather work.  People are still fascinated by the talent when you put it in front of them.  Here are a few items I have made with my “Boss” machine.

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