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30% Off Sale and an Interview with Rose Gauthier!

Leathercrafting News:

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Master Crafter Sale

Meet Rose Gauthier – Leather Crafter Extraordinaire!

We all love hearing how hard work and perseverance has helped someone reach their goal.  We recently had the pleasure of meeting one such customer and we are excited to introduce to you Rose Gauthier!


How did you first get into leather crafting?
I saw my very first leather crafting demo when I was about 10 years old. There was a Scout Master at our neighbor’s house showing the boys how to do leather crafting.    The man leading the leather crafting lesson asked me if I would like to try it too.  From that day forward, I have been doing leather crafting and thoroughly enjoy it.
Tell us a little bit about your journey in the leather crafting world: 
Over the course of my leather crafting journey, I have acquired every leather tool since the 1960’s.  I also managed to buy some really old custom-made western tools from an estate sale and learned how to carve and tool the leather.  At one point I went to work for Welcome Ranch Palamino’s. The elderly gentleman that owned the ranch taught me how to make the equipment that I could not afford to buy. I learned hand stitching with the two needle method and sewed everything that way.


Years later I walked into the Tandy store to buy leather straps and there it was – the Boss Leather sewing machine.  I wanted that machine so bad. However, with a family to help provide for, getting the machine was out of the question, not to mention the budget, so it became the thing I dreamed of having.


Then this last Christmas my son asked me what I would like, and to pick the one thing that I really wanted.  So now was my chance, and without any hesitation I told him that I wanted the Tippmann Boss leather stitching machine.  He ordered the machine for me before Christmas.  My wonderful son then set out to make me the cobbler’s bench to secure it to. With some left over 2 X 4’s and some discarded copper pipe he made me a master piece.  Here is the picture:


What are some of your favorite things to make with this machine?
Some of my favorite pieces to make are horse equipment, Enclosed is a picture of the most recent pieces, and, by taking on a difficult request I have learned to make a lot of things I always thought would be too hard for me to do, now I know that with my ‘Boss” there are no limits…all I have to do is try.



What do you enjoy most about leather crafting?  One thing I enjoy most is just the smell of working with new leather and creating something unique and beautiful from just a flat piece of leather.  I recently refurbished an old saddle and custom made the accessories to match.  Shortly thereafter, a riding student wanted a special bridle and matching breast collar for the new barrel racing season.  It was quite the project.  I had the project completed and ready in just two weeks.  I told her it was her graduation gift.  We both loved the end product!
What other leather crafting projects do you make with the Boss sewing machine?  I have expanded my leather experience by trying what I thought I wasn’t capable of doing, namely, old furniture with leather backs and seats.  The greatest and most exciting challenge was a nearly 200 year old Senate chair (pictured above.)
To date, everything I have made with my  “Boss” has been my favorite experience. I can’t wait to see what else is next.  I do recommend the accessory pack.  It is a huge help to make everything you do even better!
Now for some fun questions: 
Do you have any pets?  I raised championship horses.
What is your favorite dessert?  I love lemon pie and date cookies.
What is your favorite kind of music?  I prefer the soft rock music and especially Barbara Streisand and Elvis.
If you could choose where to live, would it be the beach or the mountains? I would much rather live in the mountains.
Do you have any other hobbies?  Cooking, sewing, art work, working with horses and most especially riding my Honda Shadow 750 Cruiser.
How can we contact you?
Rose A Gauthier
Thanks for joining our newsletter!  If you have any questions or would like to be a featured customer, please contact us at or 


Rachel Fogarty
Tippmann Industrial

Conneaut Leather: A One-Of-A-Kind Leather Manufacturer


(Photo credit: Conneaut Leather)

Conneaut Leather and Cortina Leathers have joined forces to create a unique, one-of-a-kind leather manufacturing facility. Conneaut Leather has custom color matching, in-stock leathers, and the ability to cut patterns.  They use a Tippmann Clicker 7 ton Die Cutting Press to cut pieces of leather into sets of leather. They have distributors all over the U.S., and supply leather to industries ranging from Hospitality and healthcare to marine and automotive. 

Watch this video to see Conneaut Leather company in action!

We hope you enjoy the following interview with Lisa Swanson from Conneaut Leather’s employees:

Lisa, what machine(s) do you have? The Clicker 7 ton Die Cutting Press

Do you recommend any accessories? The Clicker stand

How did you get into the leather business? I relocated and was searching for a new job. Conneaut Leather was looking to fill a few positions and I was offered an opportunity to work in their sampling department.

What is one of your favorite aspects of the leather industry? My favorite aspect of the leather industry seeing new trends and learning about our custom capabilities.

Your Clicker 700 is used in what facet of your company? We use the Clicker 700 in conjunction with our cutting department to cut pieces of leather that are assembled into sets of leather.

How long have you had your Tippmann Clicker 7 ton press?  It was originally purchased on 11/21/2012, however , it has been at our Ohio location since 12/2014.

What do you enjoy most about leather crafting? I love seeing the various types of leather and the versatility of the product.  Some of my favorite lines are embossed, foiled and/or tipped.

Do you recommend any accessories? The Clicker stand and cutting board.

Now for some fun questions:

What is your favorite dessert? Jean’s Peanut Butter Brownies

If you could choose where to live, would it be the beach or the mountains? The mountains.

Do you have any other hobbies? Lisa-Baking/Jessica-Photography

How can we contact you? 

Name: Lisa Swanson

Toll-Free Phone: 800.356.1177
Phone: 440.593.5205
Fax: 440.593.6776


Address: 494 East Main Road

Company Names: Conneaut Leather & Cortina Leathers

Websites: and

Thank you for reading along!  Visit our website for the latest news or call us to become our next featured customer: 1-866-286-8046


Rachel Fogarty / Newsletter Editor / Tippmann Industrial1-866-286-8046


Black Friday Weekend Accessory Sale


Treat yourself or your loved one with Boss sewing accessories this holiday season!  Order on Black Friday – Cyber Monday to get your 25% discount on select Boss accessories.  Hurry while supplies last!

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Please note: We will be closed for Thanksgiving and will be back in the offices on Monday, November 30th.
We are here Monday-Friday, 8:30-5:00 EST.


Phone: 260-441-9603
Toll free: 1-866-286-8046

Accessory Sale and Customer Spotlight!


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Now, Introducing our featured customer this month – David Hauser from Dragonthorn Leatherworks!

Name: C. David Hauser

Address: 349 Leisure Acres Lane, Boone, NC 28607

Company Name: Dragonthorn Leatherworks


How did you first get started in leather crafting? As a child I visited a high end jewelry

store with my Dad for a watch repair. Bored silly I started wandering around and saw a

display case with sheath knives. My eye caught one particular sheath that had the most

amazing burnished edges. I pulled my Dad over to see it and he suggested that I learn

how to do it. Now, this was back in like 1965 with no internet available…. I went home,

found an old leather jacket my Dad said I could use, found moms sewing needles and

thread and made my first sheath. Needless to say it looked pretty bad. Many years later I

ran a knife shop and had many customers requesting custom sheaths for their knives. I

somehow convinced the owner to let me do leatherwork on the side and he finally

bought the shop a Tippmann Boss and away we went. The sheaths turned out pretty

well and were a big hit at the shop. Move forward another 15 years and here we are…

What are some of your stories on leather crafting? Wow, so many… If I had to pick

one it would be after moving into our house in Boone, North Carolina.  I was cleaning up the garage

and noticed a blanket covering something under the stairs. The stairs up to my shop

have a really deep recess under them so you really cannot see what may be stored

under them. I got down on my belly and drug this stupid heavy blanket wrapped

something out, lifted off the old dusty blanket and to my surprise I discovered that I now

owned a 1910 Singer 29-4 leather patch stitcher! Many may not know about this

machine but it is like the original leather sewing machine. The interesting thing about it is

that the presser foot rotates 360 degrees. What a find. Have finally found all of the

manuals to rebuild it. Interestingly enough you can still get parts for them. Will be a nice

addition to my shop and most certainly a winter project.

What Tippmann Machine do you have? The Tippmann Boss

How long have you had your Tippmann BOSS?  I’ve had my Boss for at least 10 years.

How did you decide to purchase this machine? Honestly, I got really tired of

hand stitching in the knife shop. I was really fortunate that a good leather shop was only

about an hour away and I had been eyeing the electric machines for some time. They

got in a Boss and I fell in love with it. I convinced the owner of the knife shop that I

worked in that I could make sheaths quicker with it and give the customers something to

gaze at while I worked. I mean really, here’s a machine that gives you a perfect stitch

and only lays a stitch down when you pull the handle. Fast or slow, it’s your call… one

stitch at a time. Have since bought an electric for long stitch runs but the Boss is my

daily “go to.”

Do you recommend any accessories? Most certainly. Everyone should at least have

the Wooden Cobbler Bench that’s made for the Boss and the Flatbed Attachment to

start. Since the initial purchase of the Boss, I have also gotten the LED light, various pressor feet (that I’ve modified), multiple bobbins and needles, got to have lots of needles…

Any tips or tricks you recommend for this machine? Be very very patient! It

takes time to learn how to use the Boss properly. I have added a 3/4 “ split key ring to the

thread guide to ensure the thread does not get caught up wrapped around something it

shouldn’t. Make absolutely sure you keep it oiled but just as important is to not oil it too

much. Always clean any excess oil off of the presser foot shaft, presser foot, needle, etc.

Especially when stitching vegetable tanned leather. While stitching make sure you keep

a steady rhythm and always make sure that your upstroke is strong and complete.

Before starting a stitch on an actual project always do a set of practice stitches using the

same leather and same number of layers of the same leather. Other than that practice,

practice, practice.

What do you enjoy most about leather crafting? I like the design and engineering

aspects as much as the construction itself. Many of the projects we have completed

folks say couldn’t be done. We really love the customer feedback after they have

received the finished product. It’s really nice to hear the words, perfect, just what I

wanted, bespoke, a true craftsman… makes you feel that you’re doing something

special. As we only do one off custom leatherwork we do consider ourselves true artists

and high end craftsmen.

What else should we know about your leather crafting experience? I’ve been

messing with leather since I was 9 years old. Professionally it’s been about 15

years. The only way to get really good at it is to keep working at it, know that

from time to time you are going to screw something up and sometimes you can

fix it, sometimes you can’t and have to do it all over again. If you’re going to do it

professionally , it’s probably best to get good at one particular thing (sheaths,

holsters, belts, etc.) We have not taken that advice and specialize in nothing but

high end custom projects of about anything. However, with pure custom work

comes high end cost. We consider every project pretty much a one off.  A

customer may want an item they have seen on our website but we always end up

modifying it in some manner.

What is your favorite item that you have made with your machine? That’s a bit

of a tough one. I think it would have to be the PCS line we manufacture (PCS

stands for Personal Carry System). Basically, take everything out of your pockets

(if you’re a guy) and let us make a leather PCS that carries it all. There is a lot of

talk right now about EDC (every day carry). The original EDC was pockets. We

take your stuff and package it into high end leather pockets for pockets…

Now for some fun questions:

What is your favorite dessert? Not enough room here but I’d say peach cobbler

What is your favorite song? Stevie Ray Vaughn’s acoustic version of “Life by the drop”

If you could choose where to live, would it be the beach or the mountains? Definitely the

mountains. I live in the North Carolina mountains in Boone, NC, it’s my little slice of


Do you have any other hobbies? Love blues guitar, messing with my 2004 VW R32 and

driving it on curvy mountain roads of course.


Thank you for joining us for this newsletter.


Rachel Fogarty

Tippmann Industrial


Labor Day Accessory Sale


Look no further for the perfect tool to cut your leather!

The Tippmann Clicker die cutting presses are ideal for any leather shop, leather craftsman or leaher hobbyist.  These low-cost U.S. built cutting presses allow you to easily and quickly trasnform your leather into a pattern.


Clicker 1500 Die Cutting Press



Clicker 700 Die Cutting Press

The Tippmann Clickers can cut with steel rule, forged and Clicker dies.  The Clicker presses were introduced in 1992 as an alternative to traditional hydraulic cutting presses and manual cutting presses. The presses are versatile machines, powered pneumatically (air-powered) with no electronic controls. These presses, with their small footprint and large cutting capacity, make them ideal for any space size. With almost zero maintenance and little setup time, our Tippmann Clicker presses allow you to work with no down time.


Clicker die

Our presses were originally made for cutting leather.  The presses have had such a wide audience that they have now been used in all types of manufacturing including leather, automotive, medical, agricultural, lab testing and printing. You name it, if it needs to be cut, the Tippmann presses might be the answer for you.


Clicker die

These machines will cut leather, textiles, fabric, rubber, canvas, biothane and much more. This air powered, simple to use press can quickly turn a piece of material into any shape you desire.


Forged die


Steel Rule die

The Tippmann Clicker 1500 offers a 12″ x 24″ cutting area with 15 tons of cutting pressure, while the Tippmann Clicker 700 has a 12″ x 12″ cutting area and offers 7 tons of cutting pressure. The size of the cutting area does not limit the size of the pattern you can cut, as you can simply cut in multiple passes to capture a larger cutting area.
For instance, we have customers who have dies up to 6 ft. long.  A simple click, with moving the die, and repeating this cutting and movement will accomplish the cutting necessary for this large die. The Tippmann Clicker steel rule cutting presses have the ability to cut through material up to ¾” thick.


Types of dies used with the Clicker 1500 and the Clicker 700:
*1.25″ Clicker cutting dies
*1.5″ Clicker cutting dies
*.75″ Clicker cutting dies
*.937″ steel rule cutting dies
*.75″ steel rule cutting dies
*.75″ forged cutting dies
*1.25″ forged cutting dies
We offer free online live video sampling to any customer who would like to see if the press will work for them before they bring the press in.  Here you can view our free online live video sampling in the Tippmann Clicker Lab.  You can give us a call and we can do a live video demonstration to show you how the press works.

If you would like to have a die built, you can send us the pattern you desire as well as the material you would like to cut.  We can then build the die and how you how the press will work for you during a live online video chat.

The possibilities are endless as to what the Tippmann Clicker Presses can do to help you in your manufacturing, parts cutting, sample cutting, fabrication, stamping, leather embossing, and so much more!

If you have any questions or would like a free printed catalog on the Tippmann Clicker Die Cutting Presses, please let us know by calling Toll Free: 866-286-8046.  You can also visit our websites at: and

Thank you for being part of our newsletter!  We’d love to hear from you with any questions or comments!



Rachel Fogarty

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Boss Sale and Interview With Brad Tippmann!

Boss Sewing Machine Sale

Boss Sewing Machine Sale

Tippmann Industrial Products,

June 2015


Last month we were so busy that the time to publish the newsletter came and went, and we missed our deadline for the newsletter.  (Whoops!)
This month we are featuring Brad Tippmann, our Operations Manager.  You can read his interview below.
And last but not least, in honor of America’s 249th Birthday, we are discounting the “BOSS” Leather Stitcher by $249!  You can order your Boss machine online or by calling our toll-free number 1-866-286-8046.



Boss Sewing Machine Sales July 2015

Boss Sewing Machine Sales July 2015

  • Name: Brad Tippmann
  • Job description: Operations Manager
  • Years at Tippmann Industrial: 7 years
  • What’s your favorite Vacation Spot: Wyoming
  • What’s your Favorite meal: Alaskan King Crab Legs
  • Favorite music group/ artist? ACDC
    • Favorite song?  Back in Black
  • Cool fact about the machine(s) you work with:
     They all have my name on them.
  • Favorite Hobby: Flying planes
  • Favorite car:  67 Camaro / 43 Ford GPW
  • Do you call a soft drink “pop” or “soda”?  Pop
  • Claim to fame:  100th Tippmann grandchild
  • Favorite Sports Team:  Colts
  • Motto / Words to live by: If the world hands you lemons, make lemonade.
  • What is your favorite color? Blue
  • What is your favorite view in Fort Wayne? Walking in my front door and seeing my wife and kids
  • Which do you prefer, cake or pie? Cake
  • Super Hero: Iron Man
  • Favorite cartoon character:  Yosemite Sam
  • List something from your bucket list: Owning a 67 Camaro
Thank you for reading along.  We hope you have a great day!
Rachel Fogarty
Newsletter Editor
Tippmann Industrial Products

Mega Sale and Interview With John York


April 2015

Hello Friends!

You spoke and we listened – WE ARE HAVING A MACHINE AND ACCESSORY SALE!!!


Clicker 700 Die Cutting Machine

Clicker 1500 Die Cutting Machine


Presser Feet

Flatbed Attachment

LED Light

Thread Lubricant

Lubricant Box

Master Crafter Accessory Pack

Material Guide

Stirrup Attachment

Wooden Cobbler Bench


Come see us at the trade show in Sheridan, Wyoming!

We will be there May 15th – May 16th.



We are happy to introduce to you one of our very first featured Clicker customers!!  Please help us give a warm welcome to John York.

Name: John York

Address: PO Box 11086, Spring TX 77391

Company: Lone Wolf Pet Products




John, how did you first get started in leather crafting?  Need leather pieces for the leashes we were going to be making.

What are some of your stories on leather crafting?  In the beginning we knew nothing about leather.  It was hard at first to find the right leather for our products.  It has been a learning experience for us.

What Tippmann Machines do you have?  We have both the Clicker 7 ton and the Clicker 15 ton.


Michelle working on the Clicker 1500

How long have you had your TIppmann Clickers?  We have had the Clicker 7 ton for approximately 5 years.  We just started using the Clicker 15 ton complete with the stand – which we love!

Clicker1500 (2)

Clicker 1500

How did you decide to purchase these items?  When shopping for a clicker (once we learned what a clicker was) we liked the fact that yours was pneumatic and small compared to the hydraulic ones.


Leather pieces cut from one of the Clicker machines

Do you recommend any accessories?  We purchased the stand for the 15 ton and love it.  If I had known how much better it was to have the stand, I would have purchased one for the 7 ton.


Clicker 700

Any tips or tricks you recommend for these machines?  Keep your boards in good shape and keep your dies sharpened.  You get a better cut on your leather if you do that.


Leashes and Leather

What do you enjoy most about leather crafting?  We have started playing with some different leathers.  It has been enjoyable to learn about the finishing processes.


Cute dog with custom made leash by John York

What is your favorite item that you have made with your machines?  Our round leads.


Dog Leashes

Now for some fun questions:

What is your favorite dessert?  Coconut cake

If you could choose where to live, would it be the beach or the mountains?  Mountains

Thank you for joining us for this month’s newsletter.  We hope you are well and look forward to hearing from you soon!

If you or anyone you know is interested in being a featured customer, please contact Rachel Fogarty via email: or Phone: 1-866-286-8046.


Rachel Fogarty

Newsletter Editor

Tippmann Industrial Products








Don Robertson: Featured Employee of the Month!

Hello Friends, 

We hope this letter finds you well, and enjoying this springtime climate.

Thank you to all those who cashed in on our special during March to get a free material guide with their purchase of the Boss sewing machine.

We have decided to continue this special through the month of April! 

Get your Boss & Material Guide today by calling:   1-866-286-8046.


As you know from previous newsletters, we appreciate our employees and like to feature them in our newsletters.  We like to share with you the personalities of our employees who help make Tippmann Industrial the company that it is today.  This month we are pleased to introduce to you Don Robertson!!!

Don Robertson

  • Name: Don Robertson
  • Job description: Sales associate for the Die Cutting Presses
  • Years at Tippmann Industrial:  2 1/2 years
  • What’s your favorite Vacation Spot: The Upper Peninsula in Michigan
  • What’s your Favorite meal: T-bone steak with baked potatoes and green beans.
  • Favorite music group / artist?  Too many to list.  I love all kinds of music from jazz to country.
  • Favorite song?  Amazing Grace
  • Favorite Movie: It’s A Wonderful Life
  • A Book or game you would recommend: Scrabble (it’s good for vocabulary.)
  • Cool fact about the machine(s) you work with: The variety of things that can be cut is great.
  • Favorite Hobby: Woodworking

Don Robertson

  • If you could trade places with anyone, who would it be and why?  No trading!  After I count my blessings I could not give them up.  My cup runneth over.
  • Favorite car: “69” Chevy Impala (convertible) my first car
  • Do you call a soft drink “pop” or “soda”?  Soda (I’m from Arkansas.)
  • Claim to fame: I haven’t had my 15 minutes of fame yet (still waiting.)
  • Favorite Sports Team: Indianapolis Colts
  • Motto / Words to live by: “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” -Nelson Mandela
  • What is your favorite color?  Blue
  • What is your favorite view in Fort Wayne?  Crossing the Martin Luther King Jr. Bridge at night when the lights are on and the Lincoln Tower is lit up.
  • Which do you prefer, cake or pie?  Pie (pecan)
  • Favorite Actor:  John Wayne
  • Favorite Actress: Julia Roberts
  • Super Hero: Green Lantern
  • Favorite cartoon character:  Mighty Mouse
  • List something from your bucket list: Skydiving



We hope you have a great day!

Rachel Fogarty

Newsletter Editor

Tippmann Industrial




Ron Jamieson: Featured Customer Of The Month!

March’s Special Offer:

A FREE Material Guide with each purchase of the Boss Sewing Machine

March Special



Introducing our Featured Customer of the month,

Ron Jamieson!

Jamieson -1

Name: Ron Jamieson

Company Name: Jamieson Custom Knives

How did you first get started in leather crafting?  I first began leather crafting while I was in the military in the 1970’s.

What Tippmann Machine(s) do you have?  The Boss hand stitcher

How long have you had your Tippmann Machine?  I’ve had my machine for eight years.

Jamieson knife sheaths

Jamieson knife sheaths

How did you decide to purchase this/these machine?  I was tired of hand sewing knife sheaths.

Do you recommend any accessories?  A separate holder for thread.

Any tips or tricks you recommend for this/these machine(s)?  Make sure your tension is correct.

What do you enjoy most about leather crafting?  Satisfaction in being able to duplicate quality sheaths.

What else should we know about your leather crafting experience?  It is enjoyable.

What is your favorite item that you have made with your machine?  Knife sheaths


Now for some fun questions:
What is your favorite dessert?  King cake

What is your favorite song?  Night moves

If you could choose where to live, would it be the beach or the mountains? Mountains

Do you have any other hobbies?  Crafts


Jamieson knife sheaths

Jamieson knife sheaths

Don’t forget to check out Tippmann Industrial’s website and Facebook page!

If you or someone you know is interested in being one of our upcoming featured customers, give us a call.

Thanks for stopping by!


Rachel Fogarty
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