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Meet Rose Gauthier – Leather Crafter Extraordinaire!

We all love hearing how hard work and perseverance has helped someone reach their goal.  We recently had the pleasure of meeting one such customer and we are excited to introduce to you Rose Gauthier!


How did you first get into leather crafting?
I saw my very first leather crafting demo when I was about 10 years old. There was a Scout Master at our neighbor’s house showing the boys how to do leather crafting.    The man leading the leather crafting lesson asked me if I would like to try it too.  From that day forward, I have been doing leather crafting and thoroughly enjoy it.
Tell us a little bit about your journey in the leather crafting world: 
Over the course of my leather crafting journey, I have acquired every leather tool since the 1960’s.  I also managed to buy some really old custom-made western tools from an estate sale and learned how to carve and tool the leather.  At one point I went to work for Welcome Ranch Palamino’s. The elderly gentleman that owned the ranch taught me how to make the equipment that I could not afford to buy. I learned hand stitching with the two needle method and sewed everything that way.


Years later I walked into the Tandy store to buy leather straps and there it was – the Boss Leather sewing machine.  I wanted that machine so bad. However, with a family to help provide for, getting the machine was out of the question, not to mention the budget, so it became the thing I dreamed of having.


Then this last Christmas my son asked me what I would like, and to pick the one thing that I really wanted.  So now was my chance, and without any hesitation I told him that I wanted the Tippmann Boss leather stitching machine.  He ordered the machine for me before Christmas.  My wonderful son then set out to make me the cobbler’s bench to secure it to. With some left over 2 X 4’s and some discarded copper pipe he made me a master piece.  Here is the picture:


What are some of your favorite things to make with this machine?
Some of my favorite pieces to make are horse equipment, Enclosed is a picture of the most recent pieces, and, by taking on a difficult request I have learned to make a lot of things I always thought would be too hard for me to do, now I know that with my ‘Boss” there are no limits…all I have to do is try.



What do you enjoy most about leather crafting?  One thing I enjoy most is just the smell of working with new leather and creating something unique and beautiful from just a flat piece of leather.  I recently refurbished an old saddle and custom made the accessories to match.  Shortly thereafter, a riding student wanted a special bridle and matching breast collar for the new barrel racing season.  It was quite the project.  I had the project completed and ready in just two weeks.  I told her it was her graduation gift.  We both loved the end product!
What other leather crafting projects do you make with the Boss sewing machine?  I have expanded my leather experience by trying what I thought I wasn’t capable of doing, namely, old furniture with leather backs and seats.  The greatest and most exciting challenge was a nearly 200 year old Senate chair (pictured above.)
To date, everything I have made with my  “Boss” has been my favorite experience. I can’t wait to see what else is next.  I do recommend the accessory pack.  It is a huge help to make everything you do even better!
Now for some fun questions: 
Do you have any pets?  I raised championship horses.
What is your favorite dessert?  I love lemon pie and date cookies.
What is your favorite kind of music?  I prefer the soft rock music and especially Barbara Streisand and Elvis.
If you could choose where to live, would it be the beach or the mountains? I would much rather live in the mountains.
Do you have any other hobbies?  Cooking, sewing, art work, working with horses and most especially riding my Honda Shadow 750 Cruiser.
How can we contact you?
Rose A Gauthier
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