Gear Rack Upgrade


Gear Rack Upgrade
Shipping Weight: .5
Not compatible with the BOSS version 1Compatible with the BOSS version 2 Not compatible with the Tippmann Aerostitch

This item is a combination of rubber stops, washers & bolts.  This is an improvement to the Tippmann Boss. If your serial number is between 2300 and 10475, then this will improve the feel of the Boss and ensure long life of the Gear Rack and AR-10 gear. It installs in 5 minutes. Watch the video to see it done step by step.

Why did the design change?
We have found that some customers would break the gear rack when hitting the stops too hard. Having a rubber cushion on both ends eliminates the issue. We also found that increasing the gear mesh on the AR-10 gear improves the life of the AR-10 Gear.
Do I need this?
It wouldn't hurt to get it- it's no charge! It is not necessary for safe operation of the Boss, but it will improve the life of the gears.
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