Clicker 1500 Die Cutting Machine


Shipping Weight: 560
Product Weight: 520
Model: Clicker 1500
Closing Pressure: 15 Ton
Usuable Area: 24" X 12"
Deck Clearance: 2.0"
Recommended Die Height: 1.25"
Operating Pressure: 80-110 PSI
Stroke Adjustment: 1.0"
Length: 25"
Width: 20"
Height: 14"


Clicker 1500 Die Cut Machine

The Tippmann Clicker 1500 delivers 15 tons of cutting pressure at the touch of a button. With this kind of cutting power you can count on the Clicker 1500 to deliver a perfect die cut every time. The Clicker can cut a wide range of materials such as leather, fabrics, gaskets material, plastics, paper stocks, etc. The ability of the Clicker to die cut up to 1/2 thick leather, makes this an extremely versatile machine.

The Clicker's cast-iron "C" frames allows for easy loading of dies and materials. Just place the die and material on the Cutting Deck, press the Dual Safety Buttons, and in less than three seconds you will have a perfect die cut.
The Clicker 1500's large capacity cutting area (24"x 12") allows for countless die cutting patterns.

Designed with only three moving parts, Clickers are easy to operate and maintain. The patented Air System raises the Cutting Deck to give you 15 tons of cutting pressure. Requiring no electricity or hydraulics, this die cutter operates off of 80-110 PSI of air pressure.

Don't forget to ask about our custom die department. We can manufacture just about any custom die to your exact specifications.

All Tippmann Machines come with a one year warranty on all parts and labor and a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Attractive Tippmann Clicker Features

Air operated die cutting machines deliver tons of pressure at the touch of a button.

  • NO electricity or hydraulics required. These machines operate off of 80-110 psi
  • Die cut leather, fabric, gasket material, plastic, paper/card stocks, etc.
  • Compact size
  • Large cutting capacity
  • Heavy cast iron C frame construction permits side or front loading.
  • Very low maintenance, with three moving parts (One Quick Exhaust and 2 button valves).
  • Dual safety palm buttons -- OSHA COMPLIANT
  • Two Hand Anti-Tie Down Air Logic Upgrade available for $650 installed
  • Very Low price

CLICKER 1500 ships with manual and instructional DVD

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What types of material can I cut with the Tippmann Clicker?
The Tippmann Clicker willcut a wide range of material such as plastics, rubber, gasket material, expanded aluminum, leather, paper stocks, etc. This is a very versatile machine.
What is the recommended operating pressure of the Clicker 700 and the Clicker 1500?
The Clicker Line will operate off of 80 - 110 psi.
What is the maximum amount of linear inches that I can cut with the Clicker 700 and Clicker 1500 respectively?
This is the most important question. This depends on the type of die, type of material, number of punches, shape of die, etc. To make the most of your dies and your die press, contact Tippmann to find the most efficient solution.
What is the Standard cycle time of the Clicker Line?
What is the recommended die height?
Steel rule die; standard height=.937" Clicker die recommended height=1.25"
How much does a Clicker 700 weigh?
The shipping weight of the Clicker 700 is 260 lbs.
How much does a Clicker 1500 weigh?
The shipping weight of the Clicker1500 is500 lbs.
What are the cutting beds made out of?
Clicker cutting beds are made out of durable high density polyethylene (HDPE).
Can the cutting bed be replaced and if so, is it easy to install?
Yes, the cutting bed can be replaced and it is simple to install. Not only are these cutting beds easy to install, but they are very affordable. Cutting beds are available direct through Tippmann Industrial Products or your local plastics supplier.
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