1 1/4" Basketweave Embossing Roll


1 1/4\" Basketweave Embossing Roll
Shipping Weight: 1 lb
Product Weight: 4.1 oz
Compatible with the Embosser

Durable Brass Embossing Roll, manufactured by Tippmann. 1" ID with a 3/16" key, this roll is compatible with the Tandy Embosser (Speedys model and newer model), McMillen Embosser, and Weaver Leathers Embosser.

5 (Out of 5)custom
Hi, i have bought this basketweave embossing roll from you ebay store before I was wondering if its possible to have make custom instead of 1 1/4" i would like it to have wider like 5 to 10 inch is this possible?
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